Panther Falls

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

North GaPanther Falls – North Ga Hiking
This is a nice hike, and is actually two hikes in one. You will encounter two gorgeous water falls Panther falls is the last waterfall of this trek.

There are several really nice restaurants in the area ranging from a a few small BBQ stands one which has a unbelievable view down into a mountain gorge, to a more elaborate first class restaurant overlooking a beautiful mountain lake.

As far as lodging goes, there are several options. One of the main ones is at a great little Ma and Pop cabins and cottages which overlook a beautiful cascading waterfall at a budget price. The other is a mountain inn that is over 90 years old, and the other options are camping. There are three really nice and unique campgrounds in the area, one offers riverside sheltered tent decks, and small budget friendly campers cabins, another camping option is at the trail head of this waterfall.

There is a nearby beautiful mountain lake where you can enjoy boating and fishing.
There are also other eye popping hikes in the area, one of which is known for it’s true challenges, and requires a permit to do the complete hike, yet the short hike that does not require a permit, and offers outstanding views.

Watch the video below of Panther Falls in Full Screen for a true cinematic experience…

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