Brasstown Bald

Monday, June 17th, 2013

North gaBrasstown Bald – North Ga. Hiking

If you truly want to experience Gods great works, then this is definitely one place to do it. The hike is just a little over a mile combined in and out, but be aware that the hike up is very steep, and could be the equivalent of a three mile hike. But don’t despair if your not in top notch shape, because there is a shuttle bus that offers visitors a ride to the top for just a few bucks. At the top you will experience a great place to spend the entire day. For starters, the elevation here is so high being the highest peak in the state of Ga. the temperature never rises above 85 degrees. There are rocking chairs where you can just sit, relax, and enjoy the nice cool breeze while you catch up on your reading.

I try to visit this place at least once a month to just sit and relax for the day. There is a small mountain museum of sorts at the top offering a ton of information about mountain history and folklore, there is also a small theater that show a short movie all about the North Ga. mountains.

There is one other excellent must see waterfall hike in the area just a few miles away. Don’t miss this one.

Since your in the area, I have a little secret of one of the best restaurants in all of North Ga. it is mostly known by the locals, it’s budget friendly. and sits out in the middle of nowhere. This place is budget friendly, and once you try it, you will be telling all your friends about it. Trust me, it’s that good.

For lodging near Brasstown bald, there are two options, one you can tent camp at a really nice campground about ten minutes away that also offers very cheap adorable one bedroom cabins, or just a few miles from this campground you can rent VERY budget friendly cabins that are real cabins built over fifty years ago that gives a real cabin feel. very romantic with nice fireplaces.

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